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Additional Services for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Repairs and Stretching

Richard is an expert at carpet repair and stretching and not many carpet cleaners have

this type of expertise. Richard currently carries contracts with other carpet cleaning

companies to provide carpet stretching and repair services for their clients as well. He

recommends carpet stretching and repair in areas where the carpet is bulging, wavy,

torn or needing a spot replaced.

Carpet Protectant

After cleaning your carpets, we recommend a carpet protectant such as a Teflon.

Protectants keep your carpets cleaner and minimize the wear and tear (i.e. wearing

shoes on carpet, pets on carpet) by putting a protective barrier between carpet fibers

and dirt. Teflon literally puts a barrier on the carpet fiber so that liquid and solid spills

cannot adhere or stick to the carpet fibers.

Carpet protectant can be applied directly after the carpet cleaning service. Once the Teflon is sprayed on the carpet, I use a carpet rake to cover every fiber of the carpet. Your carpet is then protected from spills.  

As an example, if I Teflon a carpet, and the next day your dog decides to urinate on the carpet, you have about a 15-20 minute window where the liquid is sitting on the top fibers of the carpet.  You can then blot the liquid out with a white towel.

Since Teflon is a "protectant", it enables a liquid to sit on the surface for a 15-20 minute window.  Of course, eventually, if the liquid is left sitting there, it will seep into the carpet and then the carpet pad, however, Teflon (a DuPont product) is incredible for protecting from spills as well as protecting the carpet from wear and tear.

Pet Stains and Odor Removal

Richard specializes in pet and odor stains. His enzyme product is designed to

encapsulate urine and the cleaning process itself then removes the traces of urine

from the carpet into a holding tank in the truckmount.

When an animal continually urinates on a certain area of a carpet, Richard recommends changing the carpet pad at that area since it might have seeped down into the carpet pad far below the cleaning area. Changing out the pad is always the best solution for heavily soiled pet stains that are repetitive, in the same locale, over and over.

Major Stains

Many stains need special treatment and will not come out when treated with the normal hot water and solution treatment. When you identify stains with Richard, he listen to how the stain happened to develop the correct solution to ensure your stain is removed using the best technique possible.

“I present any additional suggestions as options so that my customers do not feel I am ‘upgrading’ the price for them or switching and baiting. Honesty is extremely important to me as well as giving you the best service around.” -Richard, Owner/Operator of Gold Coast Carpet


When there have been some major spills in an area of a carpet or there are a lot of dark areas on a carpet, Richard reminds you that wicking may occur. Let’s use a spilled can of dark soda as an example of wicking. The soda is not only on and in the carpet, but guaranteed to have seeped into the carpet pad.

When Richard cleans such a spill, he focuses on drawing EVERYTHING out of the carpet AND out of the PAD. Wicking, if it does happen, will only occur within 1-2 days of drying. You may notice a dark spot reoccur from the dark soda rising up through the pad and the carpet to the surface of the carpet fibers. Therefore, he may need to come back and visit you again. THERE IS NEVER AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE WHEN RICHARD RETURNS TO FIX YOUR WICKING. It is always an easy fix and he wants to stand behind his work and have a customer for life.

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